Democratic Party Precinct Chairs are the grassroots lifeblood of the Democratic Party.  Collectively, they make up most of the local Democractic Party County Executive Committee (CEC), that conducts important party business, and — most importantly — they play a critical role in organizing Democratic party activists and reaching out to voters in their respective election precincts, with the goal of turning out as many votes for Democratic candidates as possible.  Working with the County Chair who presides over the County Executive Committee, there is no more important job in the Democratic Party than serving as a Precinct Chair.

An election precinct chair is a publicly elected party official who is elected by voters in the precinct in which they reside, or, if a vacancy exists between primary elections, can be appointed by a majority vote of the members of the County Executive Committee. The term of office for a precinct chair is two years, beginning on the 20th day following the party’s Primary election.

In what precinct do you live? If you don’t know your precinct number, you can either look at the voter registration card mailed to you by the Hidalgo County Voter Registrar’s Office, or you can click here to go to the County Voter Registrar’s website to check online for your precinct number.  Look for the box on your card titled “Prec. No.” to find your Election Precinct Number.

If you want to communicate with your Precinct Chair, click on the name of the precinct chair for your precinct number to send an e-mail. If you do not receive a response from the Precinct Chair, please email the County Chair at

If you do not see anyone listed as precinct chair, that means there is no precinct chair in your precinct and Hidalgo County Democratic Party is looking for a qualified Democrat to fill that office. If you are interested in becoming a chair for your precinct, click on the link, fill out the form, and email it to If you would like to learn more about being a precinct chair you can send us an email. To read about the roles and responsibilities of a precinct chair click – Becoming A Precinct Chair.