People who care about their neighborhoods, communities, cities, counties, states, and country.People who know that every little bit helps, that “paso a paso, se va muy lejos” [step by step, one goes very far]. People who believe in the Democratic Party principles of justice, fairness, equal opportunity, and equal access to education, health care, and voting.

Does this sound like you? Then join the party!

Sustaining Members are of every race, ethnicity, religion, gender, job category, and Democratic variation. They are united in their dedication to moving the Democratic platform forward and their drive to elect more stalwart Democrats to public office. They are also united in welcoming YOU to join them! All it takes is $100 a year or $10 per month for general membership and $250.00/year for Elected officials!

In addition we have the ability to accept monthly payments through ActBlue to make it affordable for all.

It’s easy to become a Sustaining Member of the Hidalgo County Democratic Party!

Hidalgo County Chair, Ric Godínez, receiving his Sustaining Member Certificate from Kenna Giffin.

Complete the membership application.HCDP SusMemApp.General

You may include debit/credit card information (which we will destroy after use) or pay by check:

Hidalgo County Democratic Party
P.O. Box 4585
McAllen, TX 78502-4585

You may also click on the ActBlue button on any page of this Website and donate through ActBlue as a $100 one-time donation or $10 per month recurring donation.

You’ll be on our very special Sustaining Member mailing list.
You’ll get a unique Hidalgo County Democratic Party Sustaining Member bumper sticker.
You’ll receive an elegant Hidalgo County Democratic Party Sustaining Member certificate for display.
You’ll be invited to events just for Sustaining Members.
You’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you are among the most dedicated of Democrats, the Sustaining Members of Hidalgo County Democratic Party!

For more information, contact the HCDP Treasurer, Copitzi Salinas, at 956-270-3365

Our Sustaining Members